Exploring the Big Apple: 6 Reasons to Visit New York City

New York City is a staple in pop culture—artists mention it in songs, it appears in movies and even became part of historical events. Over time, it has become the city that never sleeps due to the non-stop entertainment attractions it hosts day and night. But aside from experiencing the Big Apple, why else should people visit New York? Here are some reasons why.

1. Abundance of Green Spaces

Aside from the sheer number of museums and art galleries, New York also has many parks and green spaces for people to enjoy. Places like Central Park offer visitors a place for relaxation, joggers and cyclists will love the bike trails, and for the skateboard enthusiasts, there’s the iconic Washington Square Park.

2. Several Haunted Stories

It’s not surprising to hear about haunted places in New York after the city has been present in pop culture for years with its haunted places like the famous S.S. United States, a retired luxury liner that was once the tallest passenger ship before it was retired in 1969. Those who have visited the ship have talked about the foreboding presence of a pale apparition known as “The Lady in White.”

3. A Melting Pot of Cultures

People from different cultures live, work, and play together nearby all over New York City. In Manhattan, the Bowery has a solid Yiddish identity. Meanwhile, Chinatown is home to Chinese, and Little Italy is for the Italian, and so on.

New York’s culture is one of the largest globally, with a selection of restaurants, art galleries, and museums that keep people coming back for more. Every year, the city attracts more than 40 million tourists from different parts of the globe.

4. Broadway Haven

For the arts and culture enthusiasts, New York City is an ideal destination to experience the world of theater. Broadway is the best place to visit for the thrill of watching excellent show productions, such as Hamilton, the acclaimed hip-hop sensation. People can scan these shows at the famous Broadway theaters, such as The Palace Theater and the Minskoff Theater.

Aside from Broadway shows, New York City offers many other performing arts venues and theaters. You can also catch a performance at one of the many festivals happening in the city, such as the New York International Fringe Festival, the New York Dance Festival, the Lincoln Center Festival, and the Met Opera’s summer performance.

5. The Biggest Shoppers’ Mecca

New York has to be a top contender when people think of buying cheap fashions and accessories. The city comes in a distinct style, and walking around the streets of Manhattan will let you experience it first-hand. The best places to shop in New York City are the major department stores and outlets in Manhattan, most especially on 5th Avenue, and the boutiques and shops in Soho.

6. Big Apple’s Nightlife

When the lights go down, the buzzing nightlife of New York City is sure to capture the attention of partygoers. The city never sleeps, and it’s known as a hotbed of fun.


The city of New York has something for everyone, and this is the main reason so many tourists flock to the Big Apple. If you are the adventurous type, then participating in the many sporting events and activities this city offers should not be missed. The city’s cultural events and arts have also become a hot favorite among artists and art enthusiasts.

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