Naples, Florida: A Place for Relaxation and Adventures

Naples, Florida is consistently top-rated amongst people across the United States for happiness and health alike. There’s so much to the incredible beach community rooted in the way it’s sunny practically all year (over 300 days, for the record). 

The Gulfside City

Naples is amazing on so many levels. The seafood is citrusy and tropical; boats that go out into open water are likely to see dolphins swimming alongside them. All of the hotels have palm trees and seashells at varying degrees. Even the shopping plazas are incredible since they’re castle-like. The water, too, is dazzling and can definitely compete with a lot of Carribean spots.

Though you could follow in their sandy footsteps, savvy travelers who find themselves in Naples tend to experience a transformation. After spending a year or two enjoying the culture and weather, they stop being tourists; instead, they become locals.

Planning to visit the Sunshine State’s southwest side? Here are some key ideas for your trip whether you’re up for an adventure or looking to relax:

Give In To Luxury

People generally fly into the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. However, if you make like the Naples locals and use a private jet, you’ll land at Naples Airport.

If you go with the latter, a chauffeured Bentley will be waiting when you land. From there, chances are you’ll be brought to a Port Royal mansion. The most famous neighborhood of the city, Port Royal is in the downtown district that’s incredibly historic. Mansions best described as “over the top” dot the streets amidst manicured plam trees and twisting mangroves. Just looking at those homes is a treat in itself, especially for people who have an active interest in architecture and/or real estate.

Should you feel the urge to dress like a Port Royal resident, check out the Waterside Shops. It’s an outdoor mall that involves literally crossing moats to go from Prada to Louis Vuitton.

Walk the Boardwalk and Experience Life

Yes, Naples has incredible beaches, but surf and sand isn’t the “end all be all” of the area! They have plenty of museums like the Naples Holocaust Museum, whose artifacts were permanently loaned or donated by local liberators and survivors alike. Another museum to check out is the Revs Institute, with well over a hundred rare and classic cars.

The Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a 2.25-mile boardwalk that is ideal for bird-watchers but everyone would benefit from. It’s certainly a must-do. The Naples Botanical Garden is also quite gorgeous; there’s an active butterfly garden as well as a water lily pond.

If animals are specifically something you’re interested in, check out Bird Gardens of Naples! You can hear parrot conversations and actually interact with them, too. Most of the birds that are particularly chatty have names and rather striking personalities. You will be allowed to feed them through their cages-almonds, specifically.


Naples, Florida is very popular to the point that many tourists end up becoming locals. Also known as the Gulfside city, it has cool museums and incredible beaches. Be sure to give in to luxury and walk the boardwalk.

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