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Many companies worldwide need to move important and urgent freight quickly to their destination, whether it’s for medical equipment to save lives or large machinery for  oil rigs – at Velox Air Charter we have access to cargo aircraft in all categories for any volume/weight of cargo you need to transport quickly and efficiently. Based on your specifications, we will source the best aircraft to suit the payload and dimensions of your cargo and get it to it’s final destination on time.

Cargo Items

Dangerous Goods

Velox Air Charter is capable of arranging cargo charters containing hazardous and dangerous goods worldwide


We understand the important of timing when it comes to an AOG. Velox Air Charter can take care of all of your immediate AOG transportation needs

Heavy Bulk Items

Velox Jets can assist you with the transportation of heavy machinery, vehicles and heavy business bulk items


Velox Air Charter is capable of arranging air transportation for fleets of luxury Vehicles, to business vehicles


From aircraft engines, to wing parts and landing gears, Velox Air Charter can assist you with your air transportation needs.

Live Animals

Velox Air Charter is capable of arranging cargo flights for Live stock animals

Oil & Gas Equipment

Velox Air Charter is capable of arranging cargo flights for oil rig machinery to it's many remote destinations worldwide

Film Studios & Music Tours

From bands equipment, to Film equipment and Music Tour equipments such as stages, lightning and sound systems

Cargo Charters are private flights that utilize aircraft with sufficient cargo capacity for heavy payloads. Often times, many companies utilize this form of goods transportation because of how fast and efficient compared to sea freight in which can take several months to reach its destination. However, Cargo Charters are not only used by companies to transport heavy equipments, they are also used to transport live animals such as sheep among many other species. Film Studios and Music Tours often rely on cargo charters to transport their heavy and crucial filming and music equipment to many of its destinations worldwide.

The aircraft marketed are owned by private individuals, companies for corporate travel or aircraft management companies that charter planes for profit.

The role of a private jet broker is to provide the best aircraft for a given trip, in an evolving and fragmented marketplace. Experience and relationships are incredibly important. Brokers rely on relationships with owners in various markets, as well as industry tools to locate, evaluate and offer safe, cost-conscious aircraft for clients.

To protect the safety of customers, we only charter aircraft that carry an ARGUS or Wyvern safety ratings (or their foreign equivalents for international travel). Our customers safety is our number one priority.

Absolutely. Often times, we can source and secure an aircraft option 2-4 hours before departure. One of the major factors depend on the aircraft availability.

  • Velox Jets is one of the few private jet brokers that discloses the name of the operators, aircraft and their cancellation terms. We use our operator relationships to represent you and secure the best aircraft at the best possible rates providing true market transparency on each and every flight.
  • Your flight is being handled by true full-time #avgeeks with vast aviation experience in the industry. Our Founder and team members have years of experience previously working with FAA PART 135 Air Operators. That means you’re in good hands with true experts.

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