Flying in Style: What You Should Know About Chartering a Private Plane

Chartering a private plane feels like taking a leap for many, especially for travelers who usually hop on commercial flights to explore the world. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your getaway experience or want to try flying luxuriously, chartering a private jet is an option that can offer you a convenient, comfortable, and classy way to reach your destination. 

Jet planes aren’t restricted to celebrities only as private charters become more accessible, so if you have the extra cash to spare to enhance your travels, it’s worth trying out what a jet can offer. Chartering a private flight may seem intimidating, but let’s break down your hesitations by breaking down the benefits of flying on a jet. 

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Private Charters 

1 – What Makes a Private Charter Different From Flying First Class?

You may be thinking that you can save a few hundred dollars by opting to fly first-class, but you’ll still be paying for a seat on a commercial-scheduled flight. When you go on a private charter, you’re paying for the time you have on the entire aircraft, which means you can skip airline terminals, lines, troublesome security protocols, and crowds.

You can save time in more ways than one too! Aside from skipping all the time-consuming procedures from commercial airlines, jets can also fly faster, which means it leaves more room in your schedule to enjoy your vacation. 

2 – Do I Need to Reach the Airport As Early As I Would with a Commercial Airline? 

It’s common practice to wait in line at the airport three hours before your departure. After all, the lines, delays, and other factors need to be accounted for if you don’t want to miss your flight. But you don’t need to spend unnecessary hours lounging around the terminal to catch your flight with a chartered plane since private aviation companies allow for greater flexibility.

3 – Can I Bring Pets on Board My Private Charter Flight?

Depending on the Operator and the aircraft owner’s preferences, pets can oftentimes travel onboard in the cabin. It’s best to check to see if there are any restrictions before securing a private jet charter.

4 – How Many Pilots Will My Flight Have?

Twin engine aircrafts require two pilots onboard. However, smaller aircrafts such as turbo-props may only require one. If you plan to make a journey on the latter, make sure to ask how many pilots will be flying the aircraft.

5 – What Happens in the Event There is a Mechanical Malfunction?

Mechanical malfunctions are rare, but unforeseen situations that can occur at any given time. In the event it occurs, the situation is evaluated and recovery options are quickly sourced.

6 – What Are the Safety Ratings and Experience of the Crew, Aircraft, and Charter Operators?

Most operators are vetted or evaluated based on many factors such as pilot hours, experience in type rating, and standard documentation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Pilot and crew qualifications ensure the operator complies with all rules and regulations inside their operation.

7 – What Is Included in a Private Charter Package?

A private jet charter’s greatest attraction is that it is private; you are in complete control of your experience. Many operators are able to provide a tailored experience and offer wine, spirits, beer, water, and snacks on board. You can even arrange to have special catering for the most luxurious jet life experience! Ask your operator what amenities they provide when making a booking.

The Bottom Line: What to Know When Chartering a Private Plane

Chartering a private plane offers convenience and comfort unlike any other. No matter the size of the jet, you can experience luxury as you can enjoy various privileges on top of the aviation company’s exceptional customer service. 

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