Want to Fly Super Cheap? Book an Empty Leg Flight!

Private Jet Empty Leg flight

Have you ever wanted to fly privately for a fraction of the cost? Empty leg flights provide people with an A-list experience without breaking the bank! This article will discuss what empty leg flights are, the pros and cons, and where to find them. Read on! What is an Empty Leg Flight? A sector or […]

Flying in Style: What You Should Know About Chartering a Private Plane

private plane

Chartering a private plane feels like taking a leap for many, especially for travelers who usually hop on commercial flights to explore the world. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your getaway experience or want to try flying luxuriously, chartering a private jet is an option that can offer you a convenient, comfortable, and classy way […]

5 Factors That Make Excellent Aircraft Management Service

aircraft management

Aircraft Management Proper aircraft management is vital, especially for companies and individuals who own private jets. Through an aircraft management company, the turn-key service takes care of all aircraft needs, including Operations, maintenance, Crew among others for a seamless operation in the air. The service splits in two: PART 91 aircraft management and PART 135 […]