Different Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Transformed Air Travel

We’re well aware that the COVID-19 pandemic truly affected many areas of our lives. Besides our jobs and our health, the pandemic has transformed another thing is air travel. Before, we were pretty familiar with the hassle of commercial air travel—from checking in your bags and the anxiety of a connecting flight—this has gotten worse during the pandemic, thanks to the added safety protocols and SOPs. 

As for private jets and planes, the struggle to keep new fliers due to the increasing delays, cancellations, and limited light availability is the new normal. However, the latter option is what people are looking for the most when air travel. When you book private air travel, you get to focus on yourself, allowing you to dodge delays and logistic problems, as well as ensure that you’re keeping yourself safe and healthy. 

Seeing as private aviation has changed the way people traveled during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are starting to say goodbye to a cramped aircraft and hello to crowd-less areas and unprecedented delays. 

How COVID-19 Changed Air Travel

1. Private Air Travel Has Started to Gain Momentum and Popularity

As mentioned earlier, many customers are getting private air travel and chartered jets and helicopters instead of commercial flights. With that said, the passenger count for commercial airlines has fallen to 95 percent. However, there was a steady increase in private air travel, often used for personal reasons.

Beyond providing a safer and healthier experience, another reason people are looking into private air travel is that, logistically, it’s more efficient and that customers get to places faster, with less connectivity. 

2. Crowd Avoidance

A clear driving factor behind the increased demand for private air travel is that it offers a safer alternative to commercial flying because, let’s face it, during these times, the only thing you can’t buy is your health. 

When you fly in a private helicopter or plane, you ensure COVID-19 avoidance since you fulfill standard procedures to help mitigate the virus. In addition, you also get to avoid crowded airports and waiting areas, allowing you to stay safely away from other people who may harbor the virus. 

The Bottom Line: Private Air Travel is Something Worth Considering

There’s no denying that air travel has reached a turning point due to the pandemic, and with safety and health at the forefront, booking private air travel is something you should consider. When you use a private jet or helicopter, you get to avoid delays, logistic concerns, connectivity issues, and of course, you get to travel safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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