Some Handy Facts You Should Know About Empty Leg Flights

When a one-way private charter flight is chartered, the aircraft must return to its home base; this return journey is referred to as an empty leg—also known as an ’empty sector’ or a repositioning flight.’ When an airplane travels to a new destination to pick up passengers, empty leg flights become available.

For example, suppose an airplane is scheduled to fly from Milan to Paris but is now parked in London. It must fly to Milan to pick up the passengers and begin the voyage. This would imply that the trip from London to Milan would be accessible as an empty leg.

The Cost of an Empty Leg Flight

One key factor of empty leg flights is the cost which sometimes can be as low as 50% of a routine private plane charter flight.

The cost of an empty leg flight is determined by several factors such as the intended point of landing, the time of departure, time of day, and the plane’s type.

What are the Benefits of Empty Leg Flights?

There are numerous benefits to empty leg flights.

  • Flights are more affordable: Empty leg flights are often more affordable than the average price of private plane charter flights.
  • Fewer passengers required: Empty leg flights require fewer passengers to be booked for the flight for it to take place. This makes them an ideal travel option for smaller groups or when some passengers need to depart from different locations.

Being the only passenger on an empty leg flight can be a fantastic experience. But, it is essential to keep in mind that the empty leg flight will most likely meet the standard of service (private jet service) that is already included in the base charter cost.

What to Consider When Booking Empty Leg Flights

Chartering an empty leg flight does come with some limitations and restrictions. The flight can be subject to cancellation or delay due to the priority being with the original customer or a sudden change of schedule with the aircraft operator

Another factor is that the empty leg flight is often bookable at the last moment, which means that the schedule of the jet charter may not be completely flexible. Another thing to consider may be that this is a one-way trip, so you may need to book a commercial return flight to complete your trip. Empty leg flights are non cancelable and non refundable.


When booking an empty leg flight, we recommend looking for an accredited private jet company with experience with empty leg flights.

Booking private flights can be one of the most exciting things to do when planning your next vacation or business trip. This is why we always make sure that you get the best deals possible for your private flights.

Velox Air offers multiple services ranging from a private jet charter, group charter, cargo charter, and empty legs. Book private air travel today by contacting us through (954) 686-4191 or and find the cheapest empty leg flight deals for your next adventure!

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